Attractive off-market investments across
various asset classes.

Experience our innovative real estate platform and discover your next investment. Upon request, you will automatically receive updates on exclusive properties that precisely match your acquisition profile. Afterwards you have the opportunity to efficiently evaluate the properties and dive directly into further examination. Fast, uncomplicated, and groundbreaking: The real estate acquisition of the 21st century.

Experience real estate acquisition anew:
digital, efficient and innovative.

1. Acquisition profile.

You have the opportunity to define your personal acquisition profile or individual acquisition criteria using our contact form and will receive a response within 48 hours.

2. Verification.

In an introductory call, we discuss your real estate acquisition wishes and needs in detail and verify your profile. Your acquisition profile is then officially activated in our system.

3. Exclusive offers.

Based on your acquisition criteria, you will gain targeted access to exclusive properties in the real estate market and have the opportunity to initiate the acquisition evaluation directly in a digital and time-efficient manner.

Your benefits through our innovative system.

Only exclusive off-market real estate.

Discover first-class investment opportunities and invest intelligently and future-oriented. You get exclusive access to our innovative real estate platform and have the opportunity to acquire properties in the asset classes of residential, healthcare, office, hotel, and also special real estate. Based on your individual acquisition criteria, we present you exclusively with properties that perfectly match your profile – an offer tailored precisely to your needs. Our digital platform also ensures the highest level of discretion and exclusive access to off-market properties.

Only direct mandates from verified sellers.

You will only receive exclusive real estate offers from verified sellers based on direct mandates. This provides you with the highest level of security and transparency in your real estate purchase. Avoid time-consuming searches and unreliable sources – with our system, you encounter verified sellers and benefit from an efficient and trustworthy acquisition process.

Quick and straightforward evaluation.

Experience the benefits of our efficient and time-saving real estate acquisition process: After the first comparison of the property data with your internal acquisition parameters, we enable you to engage in a digitized acquisition process. This allows you to quickly and time-efficiently assess the properties and directly initiate the due diligence process. Instead of time-consuming back-and-forth, you experience a fast, discreet, uncomplicated, and groundbreaking system for successful real estate acquisition.

Renowned expert network.

You benefit from our renowned expert network, with which, thanks to over 30 years of market experience, we provide you with expertise in sales, marketing, as well as mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Furthermore, we enjoy a trusted relationship with renowned engineering firms, specialized law firms, auditors/tax consultants, notaries, and banks. Trust in our competence and discretion, allowing you to focus entirely on the success of your real estate transaction.

Financing solutions / Mezzanine.

Benefit from tailor-made financing solutions, including mezzanine financing, which open up new ways for you to raise capital. If desired, our network of investors and banks will support you with the best conditions to successfully complete your real estate transaction. Rely on our network and expertise for the right financing solution for your project.

Efficiency despite complex real estate transactions.

You can rely on us to successfully execute complex deals. We provide comprehensive solutions for asset deals, share deals, and forward deals (forward funding and forward purchase). Our digitized and time-efficient due diligence process ensures a seamless workflow and maximum efficiency.

Expertise in special real estate.

We have expertise in the field of special real estate, such as clinics, hospitals, and private schools. This allows you to benefit from a diverse range of real estate offerings tailored to your preferences and needs, regardless of the traditional asset classes such as residential, healthcare, office, hotel, and retail. Upon request, we are happy to connect you with operators who are also part of our digital database.

Contact us and experience real estate acquisition in a new way.

Discover your next investment – Benefit from our comprehensive and innovative approach that offers you a fast, discreet, and tailor-made solution for your individual needs.