Experience Club.

Shared experiences connect us and our clients. Share your passion in the Experience Club.

Experience Club at a glance.

"Every day is a new chance to do what you want."

Our Experience Club connects your professional ambitions with your personal passions. Our mission is to create shared experiences that connect us and our clients. From exclusive supercar events on winding panoramic roads with culinary accompaniment or unique sports events, we offer you a wide range of opportunities. Beyond the business partnerships, fun, shared passions and the opportunity to make valuable professional contacts are the focus of our philosophy.

Some Experiences.

1. Get Cars Together​.

A series of events by Mission Experience

We organize regular supercar drives and trackdays for you. Meet with other investors / sports car enthusiasts outside of your daily business during our events. Forge new connections and share your enthusiasm. The relaxed atmosphere in a small circle, along with interesting conversations, captivates our clients, according to the positive feedback.