Get Cars Together

A series of events by Mission Experience

Share your passion for exotic supercars and make valuable contacts. With regular sports car drives and track days, we provide the perfect balance to your daily business.

The network for drivers and collectors of exclusive supercars offers you pure driving fun and a shared passion.

Get Cars Together at a glance.

A series of events by Mission Experience

We at Get Cars Together connect supercar enthusiasts. Whether you’re a passionate driver or a collector of exotic sports cars, you have the opportunity to share your enthusiasm, experience the driving pleasure in your own supercar, and make valuable professional contacts outside of your daily business. We offer you unique driving experiences through drives, supercar-meetings and trackdays in a relaxed atmosphere. Our exclusive supercar network is only available free of charge to selected individuals.

Choose your supercar class.

Experience a perfectly tailored driving pleasure offer based on your needs through our division into supercar classes.


Experience the perfect driving fun and connect with like-minded people in the world of the “Sports” category – become part of our passionate community and enjoy regular meetings and drives in your sports car.

  • Sporty entry-level models from automobile manufacturers.
  • Vehicles with an output of at least 300 HP.


Experience the perfect balance to your everyday life and enjoy after-work events, trips and much more with “Power”. Network professionally and pursue your passion for supercars.

  • Thoroughbred sports cars.
  • Powerful sedans.
  • Vehicles with an output of at least 400 HP.


With “Exclusive” you experience the advantages of a hand-picked network of supercar enthusiasts. With drives, after-work events, trackdays and unique trips across Europe, we offer you the perfect balance to your daily business, a relaxed atmosphere in small groups and networking with other investors.

  • Exclusive and exotic supercars.
  • Vehicles with an output of at least 500 HP.


In the “Hyper” category, you have the opportunity to network with other investors in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the driving fun in your limited supercar.

  • Limited supercars.

Apply now.

1. Application.

Apply in just a few minutes, become part of our community, and experience pure & unique driving fun in your supercar.

2. Confirmation.

We will assign you and your supercar to the right vehicle class and officially confirm your participation in future events.

3. Start.

As part of our community, you have the opportunity to participate in drives, supercar-meetings, track days and other events.


the network.